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This product is regularly made in 11 different sizes and 6 quality categories, as follows: Economical, Standard, Standard Plus, Lux, Deluxe Winter+Summer, and Anti Stress.

Almost all the categories have a spring steel core, while the upholstery varies (in type and thickness), so that the upholstery of some mattresses is, for example, made of a woolen fiber on one side, (Summer+Winter), or a foam frame 10 cm thick (Anti Stress). There are also numerous variations in choice of pattern and quality of the ticking, where Anti Stress mattresses, for instance, are made with supreme quality non-allergenic fabrics in the form of a zippered slip-on that can be removed and washed. Only “memory” mattresses have a different structure, namely: 150cm "HR" foam (airy)1 cm memory foam, 1 cm quilted zippered cover that can be removed and washed as needed.

In general, our mattresses are designed to withstand pressure without deformation for years to come, ensuring comfort and ease of sleep.

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