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The STILEX company from Prijepolje was founded in 1991 and is one of the most successful companies for manufacture of traditional woolen covers, pillows, bedding, quilts, bed covers, blankets and various woolen garments in the Zlatibor district. By continuously perfecting and modernizing its manufacturing process, STILEX also advanced manufacture of household textiles and the processing of local types of wool. The company’s basic idea is to offer consumers in Serbia recognizable, high-quality products by investing in the quality of all products made of the finest woolen fibers and by opening retail chains. Its extensive product range consists of superior quality products in the household textiles product line (mattresses, duvets, bedding, quilts, bed covers...), wool product line (pillows, duvets, mattress pads, woolen bed throws), hotel and healthcare industry product line.

By following the latest trends in the field of manufacture of wool products and through the efforts of its professional managerial and employee team STILEX has managed to expand production and today enjoys successful cooperation with numerous companies in Serbia (Stetex from Arilje, Avis from Novi Pazar, Ilić Tekstil from Niš...). It is also active in the markets of former Yugoslavia and exports wool to Hungary, the Ukraine, Belgium, Great Britain and Turkey. STILEX’s basic goal is to make its entire product range easily accessible to modern consumers by establishing a retail network throughout Serbia and unifying its appearance. In the period to come it will strive to improve the quality of its products, packaging, availability and services and thus to strengthen its name and make STILEX recognizable throughout Serbia as a local textile brand trusted by the consumers.

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Stilex d.o.o. - Prijepolje - Hersteller
Stilex d.o.o., Milosava Stikovića bb, Zalug, 31300 Prijepolje, Serbia; Tel.: +381 (0) 33 789 079, 789 080, +381 (0) 65 654 8077; E-mail: